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Grossmann Jet Service awarded unconditional ISO 9001

Grossmann Jet Service continues to increase the quality and standards of its services, and this week our company completed the certification standard ISO 9001:2008.

Our main objective is to continuously improve the already high standards throughout our service provision by implementing rigorous quality control and monitoring the satisfaction of our customers. A high emphasis on a personal approach and the safety of our clients has always been at the heart of our business and this ISO certification is a natural next step which confirms the professionalism of our services, the qualifications of our employees and the quality of our management procedures.

The Certification evaluation consisted of an audit of the total management cycle of the company, including non-operating sections, and focused on the description and understanding of all processes and daily activities which take place within the organisation. The evaluation explored the reporting of feedback from employees and customers, company document circulation, registration and archiving.

The company processes and procedures were found to be at a high level and we are delighted to report that the authority issued the certificate unconditionally and with no required actions as a result.

ISO - International Organization for Standardization - An international organization dealing with the creation of standards. ISO 9001 is a well-known standard which sets out the requirements for a company quality management system. The standard follows a simple principle that when the management of an organization sets its goals and objectives based on reaching the highest quality of their products and services, the best processes are put in place. The standard deals with the principles of documentation management, human resources, infrastructure, and communication to customers, supplier evaluation, performance measurement processes and internal audits.

ISO 9001_2008 Certificate